We promote dog and cat food without preservatives,additives and artificial colouring.

We supply raw chicken mince,other  meats,bones and biscuits.

Our chicken is produced in a MAF certified processing plant and derived from the de-boned carcass and neck of chickens.

Raw chicken mince is high in natural calcium(bone), and protein, and as such needs to be combined with cooked rice, pasta, potatoes, or some form of carbohydrate to give it balance.We also recommend the addition of any other vegetables and a little garlic in any form, which is good for the animals blood, and a natural remedy against fleas.

It does not have to be cooked, though most clients tend to cook it and combine the other ingredients according to their own recipes.Once cooked, it can be refrozen.Otherwise, the mince can be used raw(cats prefer it raw) and just fold in cooked rice, biscuits, veges etc.

Chicken Mince is often recommended for dogs with skin,bowel, or stomach problems and is an extremely affordable feed ,particularly for larger dogs, kennels and catteries.

Commonly asked questions:

Why is it so red,it looks like beef,is it just chicken, what else is in it ?

The red colour comes from the cannon bone which is the long bone in the leg, the marrow inside the bone is what gives it the red colour.

How much should I feed my pet ?

Obviously this depends on the size of your dog ,but once cooked and with the other goodies added ,use these quantities as quidelines only:

Toy          up to 5kg                 30-120g

Small       5 - 10 kg                100-200g

Medium  10 - 25kg                 180-400g

Large     25 - 50+ kg             400g -1kg.


Minimum of 10 kgs for FREE Delivery in Henderson.

We maybe able to deliver to other Auckland areas by arrangement .

We also send biscuits and treats by courier.

Customers are also most welcome to collect from us (please phone first).No minimum applies when picking up.

Please contact us with any enquiries.